Days Like Today

Days like today are exhausting for me. After a weekend full of fun, swimming, and hanging out with friends, I woke up in extreme pain and had blood on my leg. Thankfully I have a job and boss who are very understanding, and work with my Doctor’s appointments and pain. Living in pain is not easy, and it’s even harder when you have responsibilities that the pain can get in the way of. Then having to explain it to everyone can be the worst part because it can feel like you are giving “excuses”. Please don’t get excuses confused with REASONS.

Sometimes with Klippel Trenaunay you can have outer ulcers on your affected area. Luckily for me though, mine was a Hemangioma. Hemangiomas are one of the wonderful things [insert sarcasm] that can accompany birthmarks. Pregnant women also experience these often, as random as that sounds. I’ve had my fair share of Hemangiomas in my day, though this is the first time in about 6 years I’ve had one. Mine had broken during the night, and I was unable to stop the bleeding for hours due to the blood thinners I’m on [right now just baby Aspirin, but it makes the bleeding non-stop!]. I woke with this and pain that completely immobilized me as well.

It’s hard because one of the things I pride myself on is that the pain never gets in the way of my work or my attitude. I take a lot of pride in my work, and having a good attitude. I most certainly never want my pain to affect my moods. When I have Doctor’s appointments or days I absolutely cannot walk, I still work through it. I work from the office, home, phone, any way I can.

Tonight my friends are coming over to go swimming with me, as I’ve found that swimming is the best medicine for this thing. Who can say that a relief for their pain is through swimming? It’s amazing, and I’m so thankful I found something that helps me, along with friends to accompany me while I do so.

Purpose of today’s blog is to let people know, sometimes things are not as they seem. You don’t know everyone’s own personal struggle or the things that affect them outside of the world you yourself know. Be patient, empathize, and try to understand that everyone has their own struggles… Even if you don’t understand it, or can’t see it, it can be prevalent in one’s life.


Also, Birthmarks can be so much more than just marks on your skin, only way to spread the knowledge is to educate yourself and others!


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